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Domed Epoxy Resin Labels

Also called bubble badges or 3d gel labels, domed stickers add a third dimension to labelling, these arent just visually pleasing but also scratch and shatter proof – making them the perfect contender for external applications.

Brands often take advantage of the appearance by using them as badges or emblems instead of displaying product information. Just from first glance this 3d glazed finishing protects the print and instantly indicates a high product value to the consumer.

Where 3D Domed Resin labelling is frequently used:

Domed labels are printed digitally (remember this never includes white), a large portion of short-run labels are printed using this technique. The difference lies in the finishing process; in order to get its 3 dimensional appearance the label substrate (often vinyl) after printing gets injected with a mild coat of polyeurythane resin where shortly after cooling – it sets.

Our labelling capablilities mean we supply these domed epoxy resin labels for products that need to withstand tough environments, a flexible label body and UV resistant coating ensures an extended life of colour and clarity even when the label is exposed to the elements.

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