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Ford Racing Vinyl Decal Sticker

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8 inches wide, 1 pair (+$2.00, +0.10 lbs)

10 inches wide, 1 pair (+$4.00, +0.25 lbs)

12 inches wide, 1 pair (+$6.00, +0.25 lbs)

14 inches wide, 1 pair (+$8.00, +0.35 lbs)

16 inches wide, 1 pair (+$10.00, +0.45 lbs)

18 inches wide, 1 only (+$11.00, +0.60 lbs)

20 inches wide, 1 only (+$13.00, +0.60 lbs)

22 inches wide, 1 only (+$16.00, +0.60 lbs)

———- Standard Vinyl: 6 Yrs Durability ———-

Standard: Gloss White [Most Popular]

———- Chrome Vinyl: 1-3 Yrs Durability———-

—— Fluorescent Vinyl: 1-2 Yrs Durability ——–

—— Holographic Vinyl: 1-3 Yrs Durability ——–

Holographic: Diamond Plate (+$4.00)

Holographic: Rainbow Crystals (+$4.00)

Holographic: Rainbow Glitters (+$4.00)

———- Metallic Vinyl: 2-3 Yrs Durability ———

——— Reflective Vinyl: 7 Yrs Durability ———

——— Removable Vinyl: 3 Yrs Durability ——-

Removable: Matte Dark Blue (+$4.00)

Removable: Matte Pastel Blue (+$4.00)

Removable: Matte Lime Green (+$4.00)

The selected item is out of stock, please select a different item or combination

Our vinyl decal stickers are computer precision die cut from high quality outdoor grade vinyl material. The background is clear and see through. Vinyl decal stickers can be placed on any smooth, hard surface such as windows, glass, plastic, metal, painted wood, car, boat, truck, motorcycle, helmet, suv, 4×4 or any other vehicle. Vinyl decal stickers are made out of outdoor-grade performance vinyl and will last years without fading or cracking.

Made in U.S.A. With 100% American Materials

Outdoor Grade Vinyl: No Fading, No Cracking… for years

No Background Like Printed Stickers

Easy Application: Simple Peel and Apply

1. Select your decal size.If you need to resize the decal to a specific size, please indicate in the Customer Note section.

3. Select a cut style.Normal cut is the MOST popular choice. Mirror image cut is made by flipping the image over, producing a mirror image. It is used in such instance as to let the drivers in front of you see your window decal normally when looking through their rear view mirror or when installing the decal on the inside of your cars window.

Note:The mirror image cut isONLYgood for the Standard & Removable vinyl, which have colors (nearly the same) on the face side and on the back side of the vinyl.

Each decal sticker comes with a transfer tape for easy simple peel and apply installation.

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