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How a Domed Decal is Made

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Ever wanted to know how decals, labels, and other stickers are made?

First, lets talk about what our domed decals are, what they do, and why you should care. A domed decal is a great way to represent your brand and offers a high perceived value for only slightly more than a standard vinyl decal may cost.

In this video, Bart shows you how our domed decals are made. One of our machines carefully pours three different lines of polyurethane liquid onto a vinyl decal in order to form a domed mold.

Once this mold has time to dry, the domed decal is complete! This clear polyurethane mold not only gives your decals artwork a three-dimensional effect, but it also increases the durability of your product.

Using domed decals instead of flat, vinyl decals will also increase the value of the product that is displaying those decals. More valuable products should require more valuable branded elements, something a domed decal can definitely be in comparison to your flat vinyl sticker.

After watching the process by which a domed decal is made — in less than 20 seconds no less — you get a better idea of just how the domed decal idea originated. When we realized the materials and technology that was at our disposal, creating domed decals and selling them to our clients was a big deal for

If you notice our web link at the top of this description, youll notice the name of the product page: crystal domed decals. What makes a domed decal crystal versus super domed or silver domed?

Again, were glad you asked! In this How To video, you see an example of a crystal domed decal being made right before your eyes. Our crystal domed decals are different because they feature a crystal-like appearance via the clear, polyurethane layer.

These domed decals that feature this crystal appearance is weatherproof, fade-resistant, and extra durable. Decals that are made with this domed appearance will help your brand stand out, but also increase the perceived value of the decal, the product its adhered to, and your brand as a whole.

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