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How to solve label bubble problems for self adhesivlabing machine?

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How to solve label bubble problems for self adhesive labeling machine?

How to solve label bubble problems for selfAdhesive Labeling Machine?

Sticker label bubble always happened in labeling process at end user site.

1.Glue uneven coating:adhesive sticker label material consist of surface material, adhesive and back paper. from manufacturing process, it can be divided by surface coating,surface material,primer layer,adhesive,release coating,Silicon coated layer,back paper,back coating and back printing.Glue coating unevenness is mainly process defect when label film supplier applying glue.

2.Self adhesiveSticker Labeling Machineroller design is not good,pressure is not enough.General automatic labeling machine main components include unwinding roller,buffering roller,guide roller,drive roller,winding roller, stripping plate and pressing roller(labeling roller). In automatic labeling process, when labeling machine sensor transmit signal to labeling object, labeling machine drive will work. because roll label is in tensioning state on the device, when back paper against stripping plate ad change running direction, and label have own firmness,front paper is forced our from back paper and ready to labeling. this time labeling object is at the lower part of label, at the pressure of pressing roller, label will be away from back paper and evenly and smoothly pasted on object. After labeling, electric sensor stop running signal,drive wheel stop, one labeling process is over. If labeling machine roller pressure designed or structure design is fundamentally,it will also have bubble in automatic labeling process. pls re-adjust roller pressure or let our labeling machine supplier solve for you.

3.Electrostatic effect:For film-like material,electrostatic can also cause label bubble. There are two reasons: first,climate and environment, cold weather and dry air are main reason of electrostatic. In Chinas North Area, it will also appear electrostatic in labeling process at winter.also between labels,it will produce static. Electrostatic will cause bubble and influence labeling effect.

Suggestion to electrostatic solution:

A. Control operating room temperature and humidity reasonably, the ideal temperature is 20-22degree, and humidity is 50%

4. In addition, When paste transparent label on transparent bottle, it will always have bubble. transparent bottle have rigid glass bottle or plastic bottle.

following is main reasons: 1. bottle surface is not enough clean and smooth, bottle should be washed and dried in advance. according to bottle surface shape, if regular curve surface or spherical surface bottle, it will conveyor belt to fix bottle, especially for flat plastic bottle. 2. it didnt choose suitable film material according to bottle material,like soft bottle should choose PE,PVC,without stretching PP as well PE and PP synthetic materials, like rigid bottle should choose PET, BOPP,PS material 3. labeling speed cant adjust rightly and labeling way, in labeling process,bottle running speed is slightly faster than label out-feeding, it can avoid bubble. Before labeling, it need to completely eliminate static electricity and make label firm away from back paper. this self adhesive sticker labeling machine should use brush,sponge roller,vacuum attraction, should install one rubber scraper with a certain intensity, and keep rubber scraper have a certain angle and intensity. Soft bottle labeling should adjust labeling speed, scraper strength,angel and distance. 4. Inappropriate back paper, should choose a good smoothness back paper such as PET, it will make labeling have good gettability and smooth.

Hope this can help you solve bubble problem in labeling. If still can fix, just feel free to contact with Consung Team!

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