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List of Seinfeld

Other characters appearing in 5 or more episodes

Characters appearing in 24 episodes

Imaginary characters and pseudonyms

AcashieratMonks Cafwhom George once accused of stealing a $20 bill with lipstick drawn on the president. She can be seen in the background as the cashier at Monks in almost every episode that features the interior of the cafe as a setting.

Fellow tenant in Jerry and Kramers apartment building. A bulky male U.S. postal worker and Jerrys nemesis. He is a good friend of Kramer and an associate in many of his schemes, and likes Drakes Coffee Cake and Chunky Candy Bars, and has a strong distaste for broccoli, which he considers to be a vile weed. A trademark of the show is that Jerry greets him with a contemptuous disdainful Hello…

each time they meet. InThe RaincoatsHelen Seinfeldautomatically addresses Newman with the same tone. InThe Revenge, only Newmans voice is heard, which was originally voiced byLarry Davidand rerecorded for syndication. Newman often speaks in an exaggeratedly dramatic, Shakespearean way, and generally has a more advanced vocabulary than other characters. Newman is also noted for his poetry. Worked withDavid Berkowitz.

His first name appears to be unknown by any of the characters, even his employerinThe Packagehis business card gave his name merely as NEWMAN. A minor character calls him Norman inThe Bottle Deposit, but this was a mistake on the part of the actress/character, rather than any revelation of Newmans first name. Newman himself is petty and vindictive (and prone to hysteria), and often depicted as a stereotypical evil genius, who is usually undermined in some way. Though he greatly resents Jerry, he is shown to be willing to work with him at times, but will return later to wreak havoc on his social life, though Jerry often gets the last word. Jerrys exasperation, or epiphany involving Newman will cause him to clench his fist and mutterNewman!under his breath.

Newman has been shown to harbor unrequited romantic feelings for Elaine.

John Randolph(first appearance),Jerry Stiller(later appearances)

Georges father. Utterly deranged and very quick to anger. Of Italian descent, he was a travelling businessman who detests removing his shoes in other peoples homes, and wears his sneakers in the swimming pool. He is also a former cook in the Army and learned to speak Korean while serving in the Korean War. He invents the holidayFestivus, as a reaction to the cultural commercialism of Christmas, and of which George has few fond memories. He has a phobia of spending silver dollars and suffers strongly from musophobia; however, he has a genuine compassion for squirrels. His lawyer wears a cape.

Georges highly obnoxious and melodramaticJewish mother. She constantly squabbles with Frank and George about their actions, but is the closest thing to reason in the Costanza household. Enjoys playingMahjong. George claims she has never laughed, ever.

Born on June 8, 1964, Susan was Georges on-off girlfriend and later fiance and the daughter of wealthy parents. She was bisexual (… that I like women), partnered with a woman named Mona, and worked forNBCbefore getting fired, the latter apparently a result of her relationship with George. Died on May 16, 1996, from licking cheap, toxic wedding invitation envelopes George bought during their engagement. George initially shows little remorse at her demise despite her devotion to him, which backfires when he is tied to a charity foundation dedicated to her and realizes had they been married, he would have inherited her considerable wealth and possessed vast amounts of money and property.

Phil Bruns(first appearance),Barney Martin(later appearances)

Jerrys father. He has strong, if sometimes outdated convictions about business and the way of the world. Fittingly, he spent some time as apoliticianin his Florida retirement community. During his working years, he sold raincoats with Harry Fleming and was the inventor of the belt-less trench-coat. He hates Velcro because of that tearing sound. He is extremely mindful of money, once calculating the interest and lost value of $50 that was owed several decades ago. However, he engages in frequent disputes with Jerry over money, refusing to let his son pay for anything in his presence, particularly restaurant checks.

Jerrys mother. Often needed to provide reason to Jerrys and Mortys eccentric lifestyle, though overprotective of Jerry and often refuses point-blank to do anything that would place him at inconvenience. She is the only secondary character to appear in all nine seasons.

Elaines boss in the last three seasons and the founder ofThe J. Peterman Company. Eccentric adventurer and world-traveler. Once fired Elaine on suspicion ofopiumaddiction after she failed a drug test after consuming aand again for her extreme dislike of the film

. According to OHurley, Petermans distinctive manner of speaking is inspired by 40s radio drama, combined with a bit of a badCharles Kuralt.

Larry David(voice), Mitch Mitchell (in The Nap and The Millennium), Lee Bear (other appearances)

Georges boss. Depicted as a rambling, unpredictable and hard-nosed owner of theNew York Yankeeswhose face is never seen.

Jerrys uncle. Brother of Helen Seinfeld. A bit of an old coot. Has a son, Jeffrey, who works in the NYC Parks Department, whom he mentions at every opportunity. Is very keen on Jerry stopping to say hello. Often when something doesnt go the way he wants it to, he attributes it toanti-Semitism. He was once convicted of a crime of passion.

Georges supervisor at the New York Yankees. Briefly abducted by a carpet-cleaning cult (by the name of S-men), Wilhelm later leaves the Yankees to become head scout for theNew York Mets. He appears to suffer from symptoms ofAlzheimers disease.

Elaines on-again-off-again boyfriend. Unflappable and calm, yet can be a surprisingly passionate individual at times (usually as a result of something Elaine has said). There is little ambiguity as to his status as an airhead and likes to stare into space. Used to be an automechanic(considered by Jerry as the only honest mechanic in New York), but later became a car salesman. Dislikes the term grease monkey. A recoveringmysophobeborn again Christian, and a face-paintingNew Jersey Devilsfan. LovesArbys. Known for frequently initiating high-fives and his trademark line, delivered in monotone, Yeah, thats right.

Richard Fancy, Harris Shore (in The Library)

Elaines boss at Pendant Publishing and a temporary boss of George inThe Red Dot. Later, he opens a bakery named Top of the muffin to you! that sells only the tops of muffins, stealing the idea from Elaine. Enjoys cigars and botches a big merger with the Japanese due to a nasty cold and no handkerchief to sneeze into. He declines to shake hands with the Japanese representative because of this and ruins the merger.

Elaines second boss. Extremely wealthy business owner. He is a very picky individual and nearly impossible to please. Eats hisSnickersbars with a knife and fork and prefers to wear white knee socks. Fired Elaine after he became convinced she had tried to murder him using a deadly drug interaction, using Jerry as accomplice.

A quick-tempered little person actor. Typically appears with his friend Kramer. Becomes violent if referred to as amidget. Often appears in roles as children or elves (with Kramer at a department store). In

, it is revealed that he has two college-age children, and inThe Yada Yadathat he has been married three times.

The president of NBC who works with Jerry and George on atelevision pilot. Had teenage daughter played byDenise Richards, who was ogled by George and Jerry. He becomes obsessed with Elaine and quits NBC to joinGreenpeacein order to impress her. He falls off a small dinghy while chasing a whaling ship. His crewmates (one of whom was played by Larry David) cannot find him in the dark waters and he subsequently perishes at sea where one of the crewmates promises to contact Elaine of his actions.

Stand-up comedian considered a hack by Jerry and other comedians. Jerry especially dislikes him because he uses Jerrys act to warm up his audience.Ovaltineis a main topic of his acts (Jerry: He thinks anything that dissolves in milk is funny). He has curious views on food, and is obsessed with eating dinner at Mendys Restaurant.

Writer for NBC who suffers from mental problems. Attacked Kramer, blames Jerry for misfortunes, dated and stalked Elaine Benes going as far as taking photographs of her around town and even in her apartment with a telescopic lens. Depressed that Elaine rejected him, he dressed up like the clown from the opera

and beats up several street toughs who antagonize him. Likes to leave his door open to encourage intruders.

Co-worker of Elaine at J. Peterman. Thinks that no one should make fun of pigs.

Kramers eccentric but highly efficientlawyer. Although very successful, he has had bad luck when representing Kramer. Favorite sayings are Outrageous! Egregious! Preposterous! Parody ofJohnnie Cochran. After the group is convicted in the finale, Jackie confirms that Sidra, Jerrys ex-girlfriend, has physical features that are not only real, but also spectacular.

The sour manager or owner ofMonks Cafe, often antagonized by the foursomes antics. Occasionally brandishes a gold earring.

Short tempered resident of Phase Two of the Pines of Mar Gables who seems to consistently have a grudge against Morty Seinfeld. Has a fancy astronaut pen that he gives to Jerry out of duress. Gets a sweetheart deal from Jerry for Mortys Cadillac, then subsequently drives it into a swamp and loses the aforementioned pen. He also made false allegations of Morty stealing from the treasury (despite Jerry buying the Cadillac for Morty) and convinced the residents of the complex it was true, which led to Mortys impeachment as the president of the condo association.

Other characters appearing in 5 or more episodes

(played by Lisa Mende) Mutual friend of the main characters. Carol and her husband, Michael, lived in theHamptons, and she kept insisting that the group come out to see their baby. She had two babies, an unnamed daughter that was dropped by Kramer inThe Boyfriend, and a son named Adam (although unseen) that was introduced inThe Hamptons. Kramer once likened the cute baby toLyndon Johnsonwhile Elaine compared the ugly one to aPekingese. Carol is notable for her nasal voice and her memorable quote: You gotta have a baby! or You gotta see the baby! inThe Soul Mate. Her final appearance was inThe English Patient, when she and her friends shunned Elaine after she showed her dislike for the film of the same name.

(played byBryan Cranston) Adentistthat was once dubbed Dentist to the Stars by George. InThe Yada Yada, he converts to Judaism, according to Jerry just for the jokes. Jerrys anger at Whatley causes Kramer to call him an anti-dentite. His giving Jerry a label maker he received from Elaine in the episodeThe Label Maker, leads to the termregifting. InThe Jimmy, Whatley irks Jerry by having

magazines in his waiting room and by possibly violating him while he was unconscious during a tooth filling. Also appears in the episodesThe Mom & Pop StoreandThe Strikefor a total of 5 episodes.

(played byWarren FrostandGrace Zabriskie) Parents ofSusan, Georges fiance. After Kramer burned down the familys cabin, it was revealed that Mr. Ross had had a homosexual affair with authorJohn Cheever. Yes, he was the most wonderful person Ive ever known. And I love him deeply! In a way you could never understand. (The Cheever Letters) Mrs. Ross is a memorable alcoholic who disdains yet tolerates her husband. In the episodeThe Wizard, the couple confirms Georges longstanding suspicion that they never liked him, and blamed him for Susans death. In the finale, they get angered at George when Dr. Wexler mentioned the look on Georges face upon hearing the news of Susans death. Mr. Ross is seen buying a gun after learning George was happy after Susans death.

Characters appearing in 24 episodes

(played byMark DeCarlo) Friend who gives ice hockey tickets to Jerry inThe Face Painter. Named afterAlec Berg, one of the series writers. Jerry thinks the name would sound particularly appealing when spoken byJohn Houseman. Jerry is apparently snubbed by Berg because Berg felt that he was due another thank you or two for the tickets.

(played byKari Coleman) Georges ex-girlfriend who he claims is obsessed with him, proven by the fact that she threatened to kill herself if George broke up with her. Furthermore, in the end of the episode, The Smelly Car, Allison, in an apparently lesbian-like manner, compliments the vest of Georges other ex-girlfriend, Susan, with whom she is seen watching the pilot program in a later episode, The Pilot.

(played byBrian George) An immigrant from Pakistan who owns the nearby Dream Caf. Jerry seems to mess up his life at every turn, by giving bad business advice on his restaurant and by not passing on his immigration notice that is accidentally delivered to Jerrys mailbox. Babu thinks that Jerry is a very, very bad man (wagging his finger).

(played bySheree North) Cosmo Kramers mother. She used to be a matron in the womens restroom at a restaurant, but was persuaded by Kramer to resign from that job and pursue an undefined venture with him. Although first mentioned inThe Nose Job, her first on-screen appearance is inThe Switchwhere she also unintentionally reveals Kramers first name to be Cosmo and has a sexual encounter with Newman. Babs was once addicted to alcohol and drugs claiming to have been clean for two years.

(played byDebra Messing) Aphysicianwho appears inThe Wait Out. Married first to David Luchner. Later appears inThe Yada Yadawith her new husband, Arnie.

(played byYul VazquezandJohn Paragon) A hostile homosexual couple that accostCosmo KramerinThe Soup NaziThe SpongeandThe Puerto Rican Day. They are widely known as street toughs. They steal Elaines armoire that Kramer is guarding in The Soup Nazi, verbally and physically attack him for not wearing anAIDSwalk ribbon in The Sponge, and attack him when he accidentally sets fire to a Puerto Rican flag. John Paragons character is credited as Ray in The Soup Nazi, but is addressed and credited as Cedric in The Sponge.

(played byMark Metcalf) Aconductorwho prefers to be called Maestro and has a villa inTuscany. Cobb introduced Kramer and Frank Costanza to the trick of taking their pants off before sitting so the pants will keep the crease. The character is named after the inventor of theCobb Salad.

: (played byKathryn Kates) In the episodesThe Dinner Party (Seinfeld)from season 5 andThe Ryefrom season 7, the Counter Woman works at Schnitzers Bakery. In season 5, the Counter Woman ignores the fact that Jerry and Elaine came in ahead of David and Barbara Benedict, a couple on their way to the same dinner party who purchase the last chocolate babka. The Counter Woman makes another appearance and is seemingly happy to give her last marble rye bread to Mabel Choate (a woman who was ahead of Jerry).

: (played by Gina Hecht) A friend of Elaines who works as a therapist, and gives George several therapy sessions. She appears in The Pick, The Shoes and The Pilot. George walks out on her after she modestly criticizes the script of Jerry.

: (played byMary Jo Keenen) A childhood friend of George who thinks that he is mentally unstable after she repeatedly catches him in bizarre situations. First, inThe Gum, she notices striking similarities between Georges behavior and that of her mentally unstable father (affectionately known by all as Pop), that being nervousness, irritability, and paranoia. Her suspicions are heightened when she sees him walking down the street in a King Henry VIII costume telling people he just left the institution. Then inThe Dollshe catches him in the coffee shop, alone and screaming at a doll that looks like his mother. Finally inThe Bottle Deposit, she is visiting her father at the mental asylum when she runs into a hysterical George (who was mistakenly sent there by Mr. Steinbrenner). She ignores his pleas to help him escape believing that he is finally getting the help he needs.

(played bySusan Walters) One of Jerrys many girlfriends; he does not remember her name, only that it rhymes with a female body part (Clitorisnot occurring to him, his best guess: Mulva). (The Junior Mint). Jerry reunites with her inThe Foundation.

(voiced by Jon Hayman) Jerry agrees to visit abubble boy, who lives in a hermetically sealed bubble due to a compromised immune system. Jerry gets lost on the way and George and Susan end up meeting the bubble boy but finds he is a bratty spoiled kid. George and Donald get in a fight over a typographical error on a

card, when it says the Moops (rather than the Moors) invaded Spain. The fight results in the boys bubble being popped.

(played byTimothy Stack) – Kramers friend, who works as theoptometristat J&T Optical, on Columbus. Used to beaddicted to sugar, until Kramer forced him to eat Joes fruit, and hasPTSDrelated to candy. Is reluctant, but eventually gives, a 30% discount on glasses to George, at Kramers behest.(The Glasses)

(portrayed byONeal Compton) Appeared in The Diplomats Club. He made bets with Kramer on which planes coming to the airport would arrive later than scheduled. Earl appears again inThe English Patient, where his deal with Kramer to buy Cubans falls through and he orders Cosmo out of his office.

: (played byHenry Woronicz) Apriestwho consults with Elaine and Puddy on their relationship inThe Burning, and with Jerry on his encounter with Tim Whatley inThe Yada Yada.

(played byMike McShane) Also known as FDR, Franklin is another of Kramers eccentric friends. InThe Betrayal, he uses his birthday wish against Kramer as the result of a grudge held after Kramer struck him in the back of the head with a snowball. The same actor also appears briefly inThe Wizardas the hot dog vendor talking with George. Although his characters name is not revealed, he is presumably the same character because he was seen selling hot dogs inThe Betrayalalso. He is mentioned by Kramer in several episodes, usually in some outrageous anecdote.

: (played byFred Stoller) Elaine had met him at a party some time before, but his lack of recall for the meeting mesmerizes her. He appears inThe Secret Codein Season 7.

(played byJon Lovitz) he made his only appearance in The Scofflaw, although he is mentioned again in The Face Painter.

(played byLloyd Bridges) Fellow resident of Jerrys parents in Del Boca Vista in Florida; head of family-ownedMagic Pancrepe restaurants. His favorite saying is Its go time! He is obsessed with his physical fitness. InThe English Patient, he throws his back out twice after being challenged by Jerry. Izzy also appears inThe Blood.

(played by Marty Rackham) Anauthorthat Elaine dated for a period. Dislikes using exclamation marks inThe Sniffing Accountant. Broke up with Elaine after she boughtJujyfruitsimmediately after hearing he was in a car accident (The Opposite). Bought his glasses in Malaysia so no one else would have a pair like them (The Scofflaw). He started a fight with Mr. Lippman when he noticed that Lippman had the same unique frames as himself. The actor who plays Jake Jarmel also appears as an LAPD officer in the episodeThe Trip.

(played byKristin Davis) Jerrys girlfriend on Seasons 8The Pothole. She later dates Kenny Bania, as shown in Seasons 9The Butter Shave.

(played byChaim Girafi) An attendant at Jiffy Park who may or may not be utilizing Georges car, along with other cars parked on the lot, as a den of iniquity for prostitutes to conduct their business in the episodeThe Wig Master. His second appearance was inThe Muffin Topswhere he portrayed the late-night operator of sister-company Jiffy Dump who steadfastly refuses to accept trash bags of discarded muffin stumps.

(played byPat Finn) Another mutual friend of the main characters, except Kramer. Hosts parties and assigns chores to the guests. Kramer later confesses hes never heard of him, and that to him, the name Joe Mayo sounds made up. Joe Mayo is also a reference to a crew member of the series.

(played byRobert Hooks) A family man with whom George watches

in the episodeThe Couch. Joe dislikes George after he spills grape juice on his couch. Joe also appears inThe Diplomats Club, in which George tries to watch another film with him.

(played byTodd Bosley) A 9-year-old boy who lives in the same apartment building as Jerry, Kramer and Newman. Joeys mother asks Kramer to babysit him but due to his staggering walk (caused by his ultra-tight jeans), this results in Joey mistaking him for Frankenstein and running away. By his second appearance, they are friends and go to the same karate class, despite Kramer being many years older. Joey and his friends later beat up Kramer because he was able to beat them so easily in Karate. He appears in both Season 7s

. Joey is also mentioned in Season 9sThe Serenity Now, as he and his friends fight with Kramer, which leads him to a nervous breakdown and to destroy Georges computers.

(played byLisa Edelstein) Georges girlfriend inThe MangoandThe Masseuse.

(played by Ellis Williams) A professionalexterminatorthat Jerry hires to rid his apartment of fleas inThe Doodle. InThe Diplomats Club, George befriends Karl in an attempt to prove to co-worker Mr. Morgan that he is not a racist.

(played byDebra Jo Rupp) Jerrys annoying agent. First inThe Diplomats Club, she invites the pilot of the plane to Jerrys comedy routine and tells Jerry not to be nervous, which makes Jerry extremely nervous and causes him to bomb. Next inThe Abstinence, Katie gets Jerry an entire assembly at his former junior high school after Jerry is bumped at Career Day by a zoo worker. Jerry is unprepared for the assembly, and after he tells his first joke, he is met with boos. Consequently, David Letterman cancels Jerrys appearance on his talk show after hearing about his poor performance at the assembly.

(played byTim DeKay) Elaines one-time boyfriend, most notable for being The Bizarro Jerry. He dates Elaine in two Season 8 episodes,The Soul MateandThe Bizarro Jerry.

(played byWendel Meldrum) Kramers low-talking girlfriend, a clothing designer who designed the new puffy shirt featured inThe Puffy Shirtepisode. She also appeared inThe Finaleas a witness in the trial, but her testimony was not accepted because no one in the courtroom could hear her. Jackie Chiles even told Judge Arthur Vandelay to either get Leslie a microphone or they should move on with the trial.

(played byJessica Hecht) An ex-girlfriend of Georges who was in a book club inThe Couch. They were supposed to read

, but George watched the film instead and stated incorrect facts about the book. She then appears inThe Gymnast.

(played first byPeter Keleghan, then byMatt McCoy) A childhood friend of Georges. Estelle Costanza would badger George with Why cant you be more like Lloyd Braun? InThe Non-Fat Yogurt, Lloyd worked forDavid Dinkinsuntil he passed along Elaines suggestion that everyone inNew York Citywear name tags. Dinkins lost the race and Braun had a nervous breakdown. (The episode, which aired two days after the real mayoral election, was shot in two forms; had Dinkins been re-elected, Braun wouldve instead served in, and by taking Elaines advice ruined,Rudy Giulianis campaign.) After spending time in a mental institution, Lloyd helped Kramer gain historical status for a movie theater, inThe Gum. InThe Serenity Now, Braun worked for a short time for Georges father,Frank Costanza, allegedly selling computers (although the phone line he was using wasnt rry Davidnamed the Lloyd Braun character after the real-lifeLloyd Braun, who was Davids lawyer and manager.

(played byPhilip Baker Hall) A library cop whom Jerry has eluded since his 1971 checkout of

. His dedication to his job and coincidental surname are cause for Jerrys dismissive attitude towards him. He accuses Jerry of preventing other youngsters from experiencing the books sought after adult-themed content or as Bookman refers, pee-pees and wee-wees. His character is defined by his deadpan delivery (a parody of Sgt. Joe Friday in

) and tendency to dramatically flip his trench coat during interrogations. Appears inThe LibraryandThe Finale, Part 2.

(played byFrances Bay) The old woman at Schnitzers bakery who bought the infamous lastmarble rye, which Jerry went on to steal from her on the street in order to give to George to carry out one of his numerous idiotic schemes. She reappeared in alater episodeat Del Boca Vista to cast the deciding vote in Mortys impeachment, when she recognized Jerry as the thief of her rye. She also appears in the final episode of the series as a witness testifying against Jerry, again bringing up the marble rye.

(played byMiguel Sandoval) The owner of thebodegaon Jerrys block. In Season 8The Little Jerry, he runs an illegal cockfighting ring in the back of his store. InThe Millennium, Kramer mentions that Marcelino is 1/64th Mayan. Marcelino also appears inThe Finalewhere he testifies about the cockfighting ring where he only quoted cockfighting.

aka The Virgin (played byJane Leeves) A professional closet organizer whom Jerry dates. She eventually loses her virginity toJohn F. Kennedy, Jr.She Appears inThe VirginThe Contest, both parts ofThe PilotandThe Finale.

(played by John Christian Graas) Son of the purveyor of the fat-free yogurt, Matthew is a 10-year-old boy who idolizes Jerry. He overhears Jerry swearing, and, following his idols lead, refers to Jerry as a funny f*ck (f*ck is censored). He ruins an audiocassette of Jerrys comedy, at which Jerry lets loose a torrent of obscenity. When the yogurt is revealed to have fat, Matthew cusses out Jerry again. Matthew first appears in The Parking Space in Season 3 and puts in his two cents over whether George has a parking space. Appears in

(played byBrian Doyle-Murray) Awho is the father of Donald Sanger. Mel appears to be very loving, but is frustrated about several things, including when people believe the bubble is like an igloo and the fact that his son Donald has the TV remote constantly. He appeared in The Bubble Boy, The Pilot Pt. 2, and The Finale Pt. 2.

(played byLee Arenberg) Calls Jerry a phony behind his back and gets into an argument with George over a parking space in front of Jerrys apartment (The Parking Space). He also appears as KramersbookieinThe Susie, in which Jerry accidentally breaks his thumbs and traps him in the trunk of Jerrys car.

(played byDaniel von Bargen) President of Kruger Industrial Smoothing, for which George Costanza works during most of the ninth and final season. Kruger is noted for his total apathy towards his job and the success of his company. Georges description of the company is Kruger Industrial Smoothing: We dont care, and it shows (The Strike). George is often forced to push Kruger to do his work, to which Kruger usually responds, Im not too worried about it. He also attends theFestivusdinner. Krugers company botched the Statue of Liberty job as they couldnt get the green stuff off and is infamous for losing money (when viewing the company financial reports Kruger nonchalantly exclaimed, wow, we really took it on the chin last year). Kruger appears in four episodes:The SlicerThe StrikeThe BurningandThe Maid.

(played byTom Wright) A co-worker of Georges at Yankee Stadium. He appears in four episodes,The Pledge Drive, where George convinces Mr. Morgan that the Yankees should send a player to a PBS fundraiser after he sees George eating a candy bar with a knife and fork;The Diplomats Club, where he hints that George had a racial bias after George said that he looked like Sugar Ray Leonard;The Mom and Pop Store, where George calls a meeting to convince the Yankees to have a Jon Voight Day, and Mr. Morgan proposes they have no more meetings called by George; andThe Wink, where George causes a dispute with Mr. Morgan, his wife, and Mr. Steinbrenner by winking involuntarily, ultimately leading to Mr. Morgans termination, and George being promoted to his position.

(played byGordon Jump) Georges boss at Play Now in episodes 1 and 2 of Season 9,The Butter ShaveandThe Voice.

(played byDiana Castle) A women who lives with her son Joey in the same apartment building as Jerry, Kramer and Newman. She asks Kramer to babysit Joey in Season 7sThe Wait Out, and appears again in Season 8sThe Foundation, when she drives Kramer, Joey and a few other kids from the Karate class. Mrs. Zanfino is also mentioned in Season 8sThe Fatigues, when Kramer is cooking food for a Jewish singles night, and uses her kitchen to makeKugel.

(played by Billye Ree Wallace) Nana is Jerrys grandmother and the mother of Helen Seinfeld and Uncle Leo. When her mind starts to mix up the present and the past, she reveals that Uncle Leo owes his sister, Jerrys mom, $50 from a racetrack bet their father won when they were kids.

(played byKelly Coffield) A formerand friend of Elaines who dated Dan, the high talker. Elaine continuously destroyed Noreens life until Kramer intervened and urged her to return to the military. She attempted to commit suicide, but Frank Costanzas cape-wearing lawyer (played by Larry David) stopped her.

(played by Megan Cole) She appeared in season 8The Susieas Elaines coworker at J. Peterman Catalog who mistakes Elaine for someone named Su