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Logo and Text Nametags

Our Logo and Text Nametags are a great choice if you are looking for a sophisticated, expensive look. Choose from the options below to find the best Logo and Text Nametag for you and your line of work. If we dont have the right color in stock, we will match any custom color.

A setup fee is a one-time charge that allows us to set up a perfect rendition of your product to work from and keep on file indefinitely for convenient future ordering. The fee includes up to 2 digital proofs.

Full Color Process Setup Fee [Add $35.00]

Please Use Exact Setup As Previous Order

+/- Line of Text in Existing Setup [Add $10.00]

Some of the more popular requested nametag sizes range from 3/4 x 3 to 2 1/2 x 3. We can also custom cut the tags to specific sizes up to 2 1/8 x 3 3/8. Simply let us know your custom sizing requirements in the Verify section, under Special Instructions, or contact our Branding Experts at our toll free number 800.626.3824.

Select from a range of colors including our two-toned color cards which have a separate color on the front and on the back of the card. For greater logo exposure, many companies opt to pick contrasting colors that can stand out from a distance. Keep in mind when selecting material colors that it is especially important to consider the visual appeal of the contrasting color(s) of ink and how that affects visibility when worn under different lighting, etc. Please note that the tan cards match our formerly taupe cards exactly. Reorders placed for tan cards are not guaranteed to match the exact card color on orders placed more than two years ago.

Brushed Gold / Black (Printmark) [Add $0.50]

Brushed Silver / Black (Printmark) [Add $0.50]

White / Black (Printmark) [Add $0.50]

Almond / Black (Printmark) [Add $0.50]

White / Green (Printmark) [Add $0.50]

White / Blue (Printmark) [Add $0.50]

We offer a standard option to print on the front of the nametag at no extra charge. For additional logo exposure, you may also opt to print on both the front and back sides of the nametag. The only exception is for the dual-colored plastics, which can only be printed on the front.

Doming involves the application of a clear resin to one side of a Digitally Printed Nametag, creating a nifty bubble effect that really catches the eye. The resin, by default, also adds a generous layer of protection, thereby extending the life of each tag. Please note that the doming process increases the production time to 5 business days, but the finished product is well worth the wait. There is a minimum order quantity of 25 for each order of epoxy domed name badges. This quantity also applies to reorders.

Epoxy Doming (Min Qty 25) [Add $2.50]

Select a standard square edge, several sizes of rounded corners or notched edges, or let us decide how to finish off your nametag. The square, rounded or notched edge provide a nice finishing touch to any nametag.

Select from 6 different backing options. A standard locking pin is offered at no extra charge. For a small additional charge per nametag you may select from our list of backings, including our popular green magnetic clip. Select an attachment to view a sample image below.

White Plastic Pin Adhesive [Add $0.40]

Slot Punch and Loop Snap (Installed) [Add $0.40]

Typically the top-left corner is the standard location for a logo; however, we can customize your logo to any location you want. Many companies also opt for the top center location. The top right corner is not typical, but can be an effective location if you want customers to look twice. Also, many customers legitimize a company with a logo located on the upper portion of a nametag because it sets a standard of importance, whereas some believe a logo on the bottom relays a trendy appearance. Ultimately, your logo placement is your chance to provide a unique branding experience.

If you have a specific PMS color that you would like matched exactly, for an additional charge per color, select the custom color option. Then, in the Verify section, under Special Instructions, let us know the PMS number of the color you would like matched.

This question refers to the actual number of unique lines of text for each nametag. For each line, you may select the type of text, casing, font, and color. Please note that for laser engraved name tags and dog tags, we dont offer the option to select the font color. About 90% of nametag orders have 5 lines or less, but we can customize your nametag to include as many lines as you need. Simply contact our Branding Experts at 800.626.3824.

Browse and select your desired artwork.

Click Open (For files larger than 10 MB,click here).

Once your artwork is selected, click on the Upload button below.

We Can Create It For You or A Quote

If you have previously uploaded the desired artwork, you can check the corresponding box of that artwork below.

You can submit your Names/Titles in one of two ways, either:

Note: Please be sure to check the spelling of each Name/Title before final submission

VerifyPLEASE NOTE: Our Graphics Department will provide you with a digital proof of all custom products BEFORE we process your order. Check with your Branding Expert for details.

Any Special Instructions?Please tell us of special requirements for the order (colors, extra lines, etc)

A setup fee is a standard charge that allows us to authenticate a custom order to your preferred specifications. It covers up to 2 Full-Color Pre-Production Proofs, artwork preparation, as well as artwork storage of your exact setup for no hassle orders in the future. We keep this artwork on file for up to 12 months from the time ordering (which continually renews as long as the client orders again within that 12 months).

Item ConfigurationAs you configure your item, the configuration will automatically update here.

Product Specifications: Logo and Text Nametags

No Minimum for all full color Nametags except for those with epoxy doming. There is a 25 minimum requirement for epoxy doming, including reorders.

Generic samples a free if available. Custom samples are full price.

1 Business Day (up to 500 qty if approved before 3:00 p.m. MDT)

Depends on the size selected. We offer several different sizes: 3/4 x 3, 1 x 3, 1 1/4 x 3, 1 1/2 x 3, 1 3/4 x 3, 2 x 3, and 2 1/8 x 3 3/8.

The average weight of a nametag is 0.014 LB. However, the total weight for shipping depends on the nametag attachment selected. A list of attachments and their combined weight with a nametag are listed below:

Click here to see our Shipping Information

Click here to see Artwork Guidelines

Advertise your logo on your nametag for business or personal events

Quality plastic ensures full product life

The full color printers are C, M, Y, K. Customers are responsible for changing their artwork from RGB to CMYK. Pantone matches for most colors can be achieved with these printers, but not always. In the case we cannot match the Pantone color exactly, we will produce a few samples of our closest matches to the customer and send them to the customer for physical approval.

To clean, wipe with a microfiber or similar style cloth. For Brushed Silver or Brushed Gold nametags, or colors where you can see a grain, we recommend wiping in the direction of the grain to prevent offsetting the grain of the nametag.

For Full Color Nametags, we offer aNametag Cleaning Solutionthat is nametag safe and will not remove the ink from the nametags. For Metal Nametags, try to avoid getting near other metal objects to prevent scratching the nametag.

Store at room temperature in a moisture free environment.

If you arent quite finding what you are looking for or have any special needs, fill out your contact information and tell us a about your project below and we will put together a custom quote for you!

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