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Pick A Page~HOME PAGE~01 ~~ NUMBERING MACHINES – main page – bates stamp02 ~~ ~~ Numbering Machine OVERVIEW – Answers to your Bates Stamp questions.03 ~~ ~~ ECONOMY – Bates Stamp04 ~~ ~~ 6 & 7 WHEEL Bates Stamp05 ~~ ~~ 8-9-10 WHEEL Bates Stamp06 ~~ ~~ CASE MARKING & RUBBER FACE Stamps – Bates Numbering07 ~~ ~~ LARGE STEEL WHEEL Numbering Machines – bates numbering08 ~~ ~~ THUMB KEY Numbering Machines – optional bates stamping09 ~~ ~~ KEY SET Numbering Machines10 ~~ ~~ DIE PLATE Numbering Machines – Text & bates numbering11 ~~ ~~ DATE & NUMBER Bates Stamps12 ~~ ~~ DATE & NUMBER with DIE PLATE Bates Stamp13 ~~ ~~ BOOK & PAGE Numbering Machines – bates stamp14 ~~ ~~DATE STAMPS with METAL WHEELS15 ~~ ~~ DATE STAMPS with METAL WHEELS & DIE PLATE16 ~~ ~~17 ~~ ~~ INK PADS & ACCESSORIES for numbering machines1820 ~~ ELECTRIC – NUMBER, DATE & TEXT STAMPS222324 ~~ PRINTED ALUMINUM TAGS & PLATES25 ~~ ~~ ALUMINUM TAG Pictures & Designs26 ~~ ~~ ALUMINUM TAG PRICES2728303132 ~~ RUBBER STAMPS – main page33 ~~ ~~ SELF-INKING rubber stamps34 ~~ ~~ HEAVY DUTY self-inking rubber stamps rubber stamps35 ~~ ~~ STAMP with HANDLE – rubber stamps36 ~~ ~~ SIGNATURE – rubber stamp37 ~~ ~~ MOLDING MOUNT rubber stamps38 ~~ ~~ DATE STAMPS – Heavy Duty self-inking39 ~~ ~~ DATE STAMPS with DIE PLATE40 ~~ ~~ NOTARY STAMPS – rubber stamps41~~ ~~LOGO STAMPS – rubber stamps42 ~~ ~~ NUMBERING MACHINES – Lite Duty43 ~~ ~~44 ~~ ~~ ALPHABET band stamp45 ~~ ~~ ALPHABET band stamps self-inking46 ~~ ~~ ALPHANUMERIC band stamp47 ~~ ~~ ALPHANUMERIC band stamps self-inking48 ~~ ~~ NUMBER band stamp49 ~~ ~~ NUMBER band stamps self-inking50 ~~ ~~51 ~~ ~~52 ~~ ~~535455 ~~ RIBTYPE – Rubber Type Setting Stamps565758 ~~ ENGRAVING – main page59 ~~ ~~ PLASTIC Pushbutton Legend Plates60 ~~ ~~ METAL Pushbutton Legend Plates61 ~~ ~~ Engraving FONT SAMPLES62 ~~ ~~ STOCK TAGS – plastic & metal63 ~~ ~~ Engraving PRICES64 ~~ ~~ PLASTIC Engraving MATERIALS656668 ~~ ~~ Metal STAMPING PRESS69 ~~ ~~ ROTARY HAND – Metal STAMP70 ~~ ~~ METAL HAND STAMP with type holder71 ~~73 ~~ Hand Held METAL EMBOSSING TOOL74 ~~ ~~ Metal Embossing Tape757677 ~~ BLANK METAL TAGS – main page78 ~~ ~~ BLANK & STAMPED METAL TAGS79 ~~ ~~blank BRASS TAGS with Engraved Border80 ~~ ~~ blank BRASS Tags – Decorative Nameplates81 ~~ ~~ blank BRASS DISKS82 ~~ ~~ ORNAMENTAL Nameplates83 ~~ ~~ CUSTOM Nameplates84 ~~ ~~ blank METAL BADGES85 ~~ ~~ blank METAL FRAME BADGES86 ~~ ~~ ENGRAVERS BRASS BLANK TAGS87 ~~ ~~88 ~~ ~~FITTINGS & HARDWARE for metal tags8990 ~~ STAMPED METAL TAGS91 ~~ ~~92 ~~ ~~93 ~~ INK – INDUSTRIAL – over 20 pages of details94 ~~ ~~95 ~~ Links to other sites

engraved name badges – aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, copper, etc

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