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Graphic Overlays / Membrane Switches

New Ways of Branding Industrial Machinery

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Its here, faster speeds, better quality, faster turnaround times

SCN knows what you need to identify your product with a label, nameplate or sticker and we know how to do it. We have hundreds of options of materials, processes or applications to make your product unique. We have over40 years of experienceand ever evolving ideas and equipment to give you the latest trend in the market today.

Digital die cutting both cut roll stock and sheet fed stock is faster, reduces costs, supports faster turnaround and produces a superior product with our cutting edge technology. Why be tied to tooling charges for your complex project ourlaser die cuttinghas proven to be a no hassle option for many of our customers.

Our commitment to quality is a priority at SCN. We continue to work hard to align our processes and your expectations. We hold3M Select Converterstatus. In 2012 we were granted ISO certification. We are a UL Registered Label Manufacturer and meet certification standards for RoHS and NAFTA compliance.