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Browse living room and bedroom wall art, including canvas sets, metal wall sculptures, and decorative plaques. Enhance your home with multicolor butterflies, abstract modern designs, or even the cool jewel tones of peacock wall art.

Create your own personalized family signs, or get lost in a gorgeous seascape painted by hand. Whichever you choose, youre certain to find a piece thats both meaningful and stylish.

Contrasting Beauty Metal Wall Sculpture Set

Castaway Palm Tree Indoor Outdoor Canvas Wall Art

Courtyard Gardens Handpainted Canvas Art Set

Coastal Serenity Triptych Canvas Wall Art Set

Romantic Hideaway Italian Harbor Scene Triptych Canvas Wall Art Set

Blossoms of Spring Floral Canvas Wall Art

La Casa Tree House Number Wall Address Sign by JasonW Studios

Willow Breeze Tree Metal Wall Art Sculpture

Tropical Getaway Palm Tree Triptych Canvas Wall Art Set

Framed Array Indoor Outdoor Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

Finesse Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture by JasonW Studios

Angelfish Wave Metal Wall Sculpture

Floral Bouquet Oval Wall Plaque Set

Kinship Pewter Family Name and Year Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Les Fleurs Red Rose Spray Metal Wall Art Set

Evening Sunset Metal Wall Sculpture

Perfect Storm Metal Wall Sculpture by JasonW Studios

Kinship Bronze Family Name and Year Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Living the Dream Black Sun Metal Wall Art Sign by JasonW Studios

Autumns Allure Giclee Canvas Wall Art

Summer Splendor Floral Bouquet Canvas Wall Art

Moment of Peace Tree Metal Wall Sculpture

Tropical Light Palm Tree Indoor Outdoor Metal Wall Art Set

Willow Tree in the Wind Metal Wall Art

Kiss of Nature Birds Canvas Wall Art Set

Majestic Pride Safari Cats Wall Art

Aya Scrolling Satin Gold Wrought Iron Wall Grille

Coastal Breeze Indoor Outdoor Metal Wall Sculpture by JasonW Studios

Legacy Established Year Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Southern Charm Floral Metal Wall Art Set

Living the Dream Bronze Sun Metal Wall Art Sign by JasonW Studios

Kinship Antique Gold Family Name and Year Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Circle of Blooms Round Floral Wall Art

Tropical Palm Grove Metal Wall Sculpture

Bellissa Floral Branch Metal Wall Art – 59 inches wide

Les Fleurs Mulberry Rose Bouquet Metal Wall Art

Mr and Mrs Silver Black Marriage Year Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Tickled Pink Rose Floral Canvas Wall Art Set

Sun and Moon Indoor Outdoor Wall Art

Serene Setting Floral Canvas Wall Art

Aldora Golden Butterfly Wall Art Set

Resolution Silver Gray Metal Wall Art

Take the leap from the everyday to designer-worthy with the right piece of art for your home! Artwork brightens your surroundings, playing off repeating elements and adding in new that help to make your room one-of-a-kind. Find a piece for over the couch that ties the whole room together, or build your entire aesthetic around the pigments and motifs found in your favorite piece.

Which room could most use your attention, artistically-speaking? Could it be your living room, where a blank space yawns distractingly over the fireplace mantel? Or in the bedroom, where the area over your headboard is just begging for a metal wall sculpture?

Boosting the Bedroom:Generally, youll want to go for soft colors and calm scenes, when decorating the bedroom with artwork. Pick out a piece of metal wall art with scrolling willow branches and flame-finished orbs. Mounted overa light gold quilt, this piece adds a tawny aspect to your room that will positively glow with the morning sun.

Or, pick out abstract canvas art to hang in the exact same spot, and suddenly your space transforms into a contemporary gallery. Color blocks of red, gold, silver, and brown blend beautifully with a modern aesthetic; just accent the foot of your bed with a red fabric bench for visual unity. Otherwise, browse bedroom wall art for a softer statement, like a set of porcelain floral plaques.

Livening up the Living Room:This space is easily one of the more visible rooms in your home, so why not make it interesting? Find gorgeous wall art for the living room in an Italian tapestry scene; clay-colored steps leading up to a shuttered villa door provide a romantic ambience. Accentuate the mood with a metal grille scrolling just above the artwork below.

If youre searching for a delicate yet colorful splash, go for butterfly wall decor instead. A pastel plaque set depicting flowers, songbirds, and butterflies adds whimsy to a cottage-inspired space. Just drape a pale blue crochet blanket over the back of an off-white couch, andtop it all off with a braided oval rug under the coffee table.

Perhaps youre looking for a more angular element to offset the curvilinear silhouettes in your room. Geometric wall art is your best bet here, such as the color-washed shapes found in a triptych set. Enhance a trendy look withan Edison bulb lamp finished in matte blackon a nearby side table.

Sprucing up the Study:It might seem counterintuitive, but your home office shouldnt be completely devoid of design and visual flair. Pick out a piece that, rather than distracting, inspires you to delve into the task at hand. Musical wall art, bursting with song notes and popular instruments, will remind you to stick with your daily practice at guitar or piano. Repeat the coppery tones and other metallic finishes found in your art in the frame surrounding your bulletin board or even with a desktop organizer.

From nautical to peacock wall art, a diverse selection of subjects awaits your keen decorators eye. See how a carefully-curated piece can take your decor to new heights.