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1963DATED MESS DRESS UNIFORM AND COMPLETE VISOR CAP SYSTEM IN BOX IDd:This is the black mess dress with the trousers and dated 1963 on both. Clip on tie, his mini medals as a WWII vet as well and his complete MINT visor cap system with the white and black cover. ODD it says Major on box but no darts and farts on the bill. Shoulder rank is Lt. Colonel so this is a career type grouping. Hat in original box and was a whole 13.00 as new with the original sticker still present. So we know its a older visor cap. Named to a Major. J. M. McLaughlin

HARD TO FIND AIR FORCE WHITE DRESS BELT AND BUCKLE MARKED A.F.:You just dont run into these white dress Air Force belts often that would have been worn with the short sleeve shirt and dress pants. Excellent markings and belt tip and buckle are both in brushed silver tone color. About size 32-34

SCARCE 1957 EARLY VIETNAM AIR FORCE TROPICAL JACKET WITH BELT:These were not issued long and went with that odd jungle hat I have on line also and a LONG pair of socks. Usually worn with shorts or trousers. Complete with the belt and plastic buckle. Has the original rank sewn on sleeves. A very hard to find pattern for the early Air Force Advisors. 1957 contract markings and only son=me light ironing markes from that era.

FULL SET OF BUTTONS RIGHT OFF A WWII IKE PATTERN ENLISTED JACKET:This is a very nice complete set of buttons right off a WWII 1944 dated IKE pattern jacket that I could not save due to damage to the material. A great way to repair or just have a extra if you need one.

EARLY VIETNAM FULL SET OF BUTTONS FOR THE ARMY DRESS GREENS UNIFORM:This is taken off a torn uniform that was contract dated 1967 but the buttons are a full matched set for the uniform if you are in need of a replacement set.

WWII FULL SET OF PLASTIC BUTTONS TO A ENLISTED DRESS TROUSERS PAIR:This is a nice set of just removes buttons plastic type WWII off a pair of enlisted trousers dated 1944. The had many holes but if you need spares or a set here is a nice set.

ORIGINAL WWII METAL STAR BUTTONS STILL ON ORIGINAL HBT TROUSER FLAP:This is a GREAT piece of a set of trousers cause you get 6 buttons that you can remove and use on a battle shirt or another set of trousers. These are the GREEN WWII painted type and in excellent condition.

FULL SET OF WWII OFFICERS MAKINAW JACKET BUTTONS FALSE HORN LOOK:These are the correct buttons off a WWII Makinaw type officers field coat and are a vegitable plastic to look like horn buttons. Nice complete set of 8 all matching.

SET OF 11 BUTTONS FOR THE ENLISTED AND OFFICERS FIELD SHIRTS WWII ISSUE:These came off the same shirt and are a complete match and would be found in this tan/brown color on both the summer tan and winter OD shirts of the WWII period.

FULL SET OF WWII OFFICERBUTTONS FOR TROPICAL DRESS TAN UNIFORM:Excellent complete set including the plastic ones for the inside I just took off a old uniform that displayed many holes and at least I salvaged the buttons. Great matched set.

ARMY EARLY 1960 VIETNAM WAR DATED FLIGHT SUIT WITH THEATER MADE PATCH:This is a size small/regular suit, but completely original dated 1960, and with the theater made 8th Corps patch on the shoulder. Excellent condition free of stains and with all the original working zippers. A very nice example of a pilots flight suit.

KOREAN WAR TO COLD WAR ERA AIR FORCE TYPE D-1B FLYING TROUSERS SAGE GREEN:These are MINT unissued and in a great size 34 to fit a mannequin if wanted. These are the early marked ones with a AF number and NOT a Fed Stock number. Very nice set complete with the original suspenders. These are heavy over 5 pounds for shipping

VIETNAM MEDAL AND INSIGNIA GROUPING 4TH ARMY WITH CONDUCTPURPLE HEART MEDAL:Nice little grouping I have no background on but arrived together with a set of DUIs that were from a early training camp in Louisiana I have on the site. Excellent condition engraved (privately?) and one spot on the PH ribbon. All named to a William Bailey and with his name tags and patches.

NAVY SMALL GROUPING TO A REPAIR TECHNICIAN WARRANT OFFICER WWII:This Small but excellent grouping is one of those I get coming into my store in little jewelry boxes from the Widows of Veterans. All I got was the Sterlingidentification braceletand some of hisinsignia. Makes a nice grouping for a WWII insignia collection.

NAVY ENSIGN GROUPING WWII WITH MANUAL INSIGNIA AND DOG TAGS:I have done no research on this Navy WWII Officer but it has his set of tags the shoulder boards for Grey uniform, his 1940 bluejackets manual, cap device (Meyer marked) and his rank pins sterling silver with gold plate marked on back and have a extra pin on them to stay straight on uniform (not often seen on rank insignia. A nice little grouping well worth the price. IDd to W A Johnson.

WWII GROUPING OF ITALIAN THEATER SOLDIER WITH MEDALS PATCHES AND RIBBONS:These small groupings I like to leave together when they come in the store in a small box usually. I believe the picture is him younger and the medal is named and his sterling shooing award. The 88th patch is Italian theater made and may have been in coastal ordnance due to only 2 battle stars. Great research project.

MINT UNISSUED M1943 FIELD JACKET HOOD IN SIZE MEDIUM DATED 1945:This is a MINT unissued 1945 dated field jacket hood that was issued separate of the jackets. It has the original manufacture tag and instructions sewn in the inside. Size Medium

INTERMEDIATE FLYING TROUSERS TYPE A-11A WITH SUSPENDERS MINT UNISSUED:This is a MINT unissued set of the intermediate flying trousers for WWII pilots. Well marked throughout and with a excellent tag. Great size 34 size and with the original suspenders included. Could not upgrade this set!! All zippers work like new and leather tabs all present

1964 DATED EARLY ISSUE AIR FORCE FIELD JACKET WITH INSIGNIA:Although un-named this jacket has a great tag dated 1964 and the rank wings, and Air lift Command patch on the pocket. A great early example of the Air Force Field Jacket. Excellent condition with the hood concealed in the large fold-down collar that only the Air Force had on them.

KOREAN WAR HERRINGBONE TWILL BATTLE JACKET 45TH DIVISION:This is a EXCELLENT very little to no wear HBT jacket with a nice WWII 45th division insignia patch on the sleeve. It has no markings but the plastic small buttons says Korean War for sure. The size would be about a medium.

JACKET, HERRINGBONE TWILL PATTERN 1947 ALSODATED 1947:Absolutely MINT example of a EARLY Korean War jacket in herringbone twill dated and pattern 1947 stamped. These have the star tack type buttons and in OD7. a GREAT addition to your Korean war combat uniform collection. size small but absolutely MINT

JACKET, WWII ENLISTED IKE 1ST ARMORED DIV.6TH CORPS SGT 1ST CLASS NAMED:2 names in this one with service numbers, but a Blakemore, and a Sheppard are both written or stamped inside several places. Excellent untouched jacket with all the patches and original collar insignia to the Armored Tank Corps as well.

SCARCE ORIGINAL 1969 DATED JUNGLE FATIGUE RIP STOPTROUSERS IN EXTRA LARGE SIZE:This is MINT and unissued condition and a size that you just cant find out there that often. It is original with all the manufacture tags and still original folded as I got them. These are well marked and rich in that OD color. Great for reenactors and collectors alike. These are marked X-LARGE/REGULAR

WWII OFFICERS ISSUE OVERCOAT WINTER WOOL LINER WITH TAGS:This original and unissued liner for the officers overcoat has the manufactures cutters tags still on it. It is a size medium long, and has a little bit of moth tracking but very little and still a great piece to put with your overcoat in the collection.

SCARCE 1ST YEAR AUTHORIZED 1938 DATED OFFICERS DRESS BLUES JACKET ORDNANCE DEPT:Excellent near MINT condition thick wool private made uniform with a 1938 date and name on tag. These were authorized in Aug of 1938 and this is dated Dec, 1938. WOW!! no shoulder boards but original collar insignia and cuff braid. Inside has the original belt hooks that are SCARCE to see and removable. A Nice EARLY jacket . Small/Med. no size tag but scarce in this condition.

M1951 ARCTIC TROUSER LINERS MINT UNISSUED 1952 DATED LARGE-LONG:this is a excellent unissued liner set that is well dated and even has some of the original manufacture tags that are small and stapled to it as well. A very nice set you can use for a Korean War era display of cold weather gear.

M1951 FIELD TROUSER WINTER LINER IN SIZE MEDIUM/LONG 1952 DATED:These are the liners the soldiers wore to keep warm in the Korean Theater when the weather was so frigid. Excellent condition with a great contract stamp and date of 1952 for manufacture.

SCARCE MODIFIED M1950 OVERCOAT WITH LINER (PRE-M1951):This scarce overcoat was only really used for about a year before the M1951 was issued. It is dated 1946 and is almost the pattern of WWII. It is stamped Modified M1950 on the size tag, Medium-Long marked. Liner also has the original tag (does not say its a liner), but size 36L. A scarce overcoat used in the first part of the Korean War in fabulous condition Near MINT.

NAVY DRESS WHITE GLOVES VIETNAM EARLY ERA IN ORIGINAL WRAPPER:This excellent set with only the lightest yellowing from time that will come out with a soak. they are in the original wrapper with the foil label. These could be worn by officers and enlisted alike in dress uniforms.

VIETNAM ERA NAVY OFFICERS FANCY DRESS BELT S FOR TANS AND WHITES:This private purchase set is by the same manufacture and one of the best you could buy in the vietnam period. Excellent condition with the belt buckles still present. A wonderful set for any dress service uniform you may have from a navy officer in the Vietnam War era.

ORIGINAL WWII NAVY ISSUE PT, WORK AND SWIM WOOL SHORTS:These are a little hard to find and they are seen worn by some of the seabee units in the Pacific theater and also other beach units. Original tag and about a size 31 or so in waist. They the typical bootie short pattern with the belt loops and I will not be modeling these so please dont ask.. Excellent condition withone small nice neat repair as seen.

WWII NAVY LANDINGAND FIGHTING PERSONNEL N-1 TROUSERS MINT WITH ALL TAGS:These are MINT unissued factory NEW condition with all the original cutters tags and the original issue label as well. The corduroy type material is crisp and clean and the wool interior is fantastic. NEVER could you up grade these!! used by the landing parties and the Sea-Bees in WWII on land while fighting and setting up stations.

OFFICERS WWII PILOTS WORN LONG SLEEVE DRESS SHIRT TAILOR MADE:Large size unmarked but a 15 or 16 for sure. and it has the original tailors tag inside. Excellent silk collar and shoulder area. do damage or stains. a SUPER excellent condition original WWII shirt coming right from a Pilots grouping I recently Purchased.

OFFICERS WWII ISSUED TYPEWINTER WOOL DRESS TROUSERS:This Excellent set of trousers are a US issue item to officers just graduating usually and most would keep them until they wanted a better set. Made with quality materials this set has the original tags inside and a great date of 1945 and OD33 color. Size 32 long, with a silk type inner waistband.

2ND PATTERN WWII TANKER OVERALLS IN SIZE 36R NEAR MINTY CONDITION:I would call these mint but the tag looks washed and un-readable. UGH. but they are a nice 2nd pattern with NO problems and no wear to any of the blackened buttons or the belt buckle. incredible WWII tanker uniform for the field.

OFFICERS WWII DOESKIN OVERCOAT SHORT PATTERN MACKINAW NO BELT MODEL:This is a Excellent near MINT example of a great 1944 dated officers mackinaw pattern overcoat with the plastic buttons and the upper quality construction. Original tags are still present and all readable. This is in a nice 38L size and with out repair or damage. Looks to be complete and this style did NOT have a waist belt.

WWII REVERSIBLE SNOW PARKA WITH SCARCE INNER LINER COMPLETE:I JUST got this one in and its a SUPER clean near unissued snow parka in the reversible color with the complete liner. This is the NO hood type liner and correct for this type as these were worn in the Battle of the Bulge by the few lucky ones to have one. About a size MED/LRG with all the original buttons and the belt/hook strap on the back.

SET OF BUTTONS AND TAG FROM A AUSTRALIAN MADE WWII US IKE JACKET:This group of buttons came off a Australian made Ike type jacket and I have the original tag as well. The jacket was trashed and if you need a original replacement button or 2 here they are. some are chipped and worn.

ENLISTED WWII STAFF SERGENT WOOL SHIRT 8TH AIR CORPS PATCH ON SLEEVE:VEry nice condition with no major problems and a great ENGLISH made 8th AC patch on felt on the sleeve. Great medium size and has a tag but hard to read. Looks to be 44 dated. All original buttons and no holes

ENLISTED FLANNEL WWII ISSUE SHIRT WITH THE GAS FLAP MARKED UNISSUED:This interesting WWII enlisted shirt has only a size tag (maybe private purchase), BUT has a neat feature of a sewn in gas flap that is MARKED GAS FLAP. Very odd and the first I have seen this way. Light red spot (powdery)on right pocket (will come off with makeup remover). But still MINT unissued condition.

MINT UNISSUED WITH TAGS WWII OFFICERS TROPICAL SHIRT:Well You definitely cant upgrade this tropical issue and marked officers shirt. Comes with all the tags and the cardboard folding board inside. all pins and are there to hold it and no rust or any damage. A MINT UNISSUED ORIGINAL FACTORY NEW WWII ISSUE OFFICERS TROPICAL SHIRT. Size 15 1/2 it looks to be marked. satin type interior. the highest quality type shirt.

UNISSUED EARLY VIETNAM 1958 DATED LONG SLEEVE DRESS SHIRT KHAKI:This is a UNISSUED still pinned shirt that is the long sleeve light weight wear for the Army tans uniform. Excellent condition and wonderful for a foot locker display of a early adviser period solder overseas. light mark on front from sticker from PX sales that will come out easily. not a stain.

1951 MINT UNISSUED OFFICERS DRESS COTTON SHIRT LONG SLEEVE LARGER SIZE:This is in a 15.5 by 32 inch size and in excellent unissued condition with the stamps inside and a great date of 1951. I thought it was WWII but nice and exciting to find a Korean war era shirt in this condition.

1956 DATED EARLY VIETNAM OFFICERS TROPICAL SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT:This is a MINT unissued size medium short sleeve shirt that was worn early in the Vietnam war and by a lot of the advisors. This is the Officers pattern with the epaulets and the pleated pockets. Excellent unissued MINT condition.

SILVER STAR UNIFORM GROUPING 87th DIVISION TO STERLINGR. BARLOW: This EXCELLENT uniform grouping is named inside the WWII period tailors tag, and the small post-war name tag. It is from Sterling R. Barlow and I have additional copied of the medal awarded from the History of that unit included. His unnamed silver star in box is includedwith his uniform he wore until 1949 in the Ohio NG. His rank finishing is Lt. Colonel, but was a 2nd Lt. when awarded with most of the medals in the Battle of the bulge in the 87thDiv. 345th Inf.

WWII ENLISTED MANS TAN KHAKI TIE FOR THE DRESS UNIFORMS IN COTTON:Original with the soldiers identification still inside and in excellent condition. Short in the style of the WWII period:

WOMANS VIETNAM ERA WOOL WINTER SLACKS OD108 SIZE 8:Excellent UNISSUED MINT condition with the bottom Raw edge still intact. These are a nice smaller size but not too small. Rather a hard set of pants to find from that era.

KOREAN WAR ERA 1950 DATED WOOL DRESS TROUSERS ENLISTED PATTERN:excellent condition in in a nice 34×35 size. These are a pattern that me be great even with a WWII set due to the pattern of it being dated 1945.

FIELD TROUSERS, KOREAN WAR 1951 DATED WOOL SERGE 32X33 SIZE:This is a excellent near mint set of trousers from the Korean War and dated 1951 on the inside pocket. These are a great 32 waist size and 33 in length. OD33 appears to be the color as it says on the tag.

1950 KOREAN WAR DATED OFFICERS TROPICAL WORSTED TROUSERS IN LARGER SIZE:These are Identical to WWII tropical trousers, but these are 1950 dated and in a nice larger size of 36R. Excellent regulation made and with the original depot tag inside as well.

VIETNAM 1967 DATED DRESS GREENS TROUSERS SIZE 34X32 ENLISTED PAIR:This is a excellent minty set of wearable trouser set dated 1967 and in a great size. This is the set for the Army dress greens for the enlisted uniform.

WWII OFFICERS GREEN DRESS TROUSERS IN VERY LARGE SIZE 1944 DATED:Very nice condition with no wear or repairs, this set of trousers is a excellent size 42 x 34 (or longer). These are VERY hard to find in a larger size and to be in this fantastic shape and condition. A great pair for a collection or to wear. dark gabardine in color

WWII OFFICERS TAN TROPICAL WORSTED COTTON TROUSERS WITH TAG:These are a great pair of trousers in size 34S (short) and are in fantastic condition with no stains or damage and complete with the 1945 dated tag inside and not washed out like so many are seen. Nice larger size.

WWII ENLISTED FIELD WOOL TROUSERS 1945 DATED (31×33):These are marked as a 18oz special, and are dated 1945 also inside on the contract tag. Unissued condition and a great size 31 x 33. These are the dress greens uniform trousers made for the newly issued Ike jackets in the OD shade of 33.

VERY RARE U.S. OFFICERSTROUSERS MADE IN FRANCE FOR THE ETO:British trousers are very tough to find the ETO made for US ones, BUT these are FRENCH made and the first pairI have encountered. The War was ravaging that country and to have a set made for the US troops under contract is amazing!! One leg has moth tracking in a small area and 3 small holes. Still a rare set of officers trousers. 32×34.5

KOREAN WAR PERIOD TO JUST POST-WAR UNIFORM GROUPING WITH SCARF:Idd to a Lester Workman, this uniform grouping has a dog tag (T54), his silver domed type disks, unit patches and a scarf that would make your Commanding Officer give you 20 for just owning such a hideous thing. Great period piece and a great Idd piece including the jacket with stamped ID. Excellent condition.

KOREAN WAR AIR FORCE IDD GROUPING FROM THE 442nd TROOP CARRIER WING:This Very nice 1949 dated shirt and jacket have no name with it, But the card in the pocket clearly state is was from the 442nd troops carrier wing out of Kansas City. Excellent condition with the Wings and ribbons and all rank and insignia included. i could not find a name on it but still a nice EARLY set from the Korean war.

LT. COLONEL LOVELL EARLY VIETNAM UNIFORM TOP AND HAT AVIATION HELICOPTER SCHOOL:This pilot I believe was a teacher and trainer at the flight school and the rank and the wings would back that up as a master and higher rank. A nice early cotton set with the early tapes for name and US Army

UNIFORM GROUPING 106TH COMBAT ENGINEERS (SEPARATE) PACIFIC THEATER IDd:A WONDERFUL WWII uniform grouping including his Dog Tags, Immunization card (1942), Uniform with all insignia and ribbons, and Trousers. This Combat Engineer unit participated in MANY rough battles in the Pacific and he wears a Arrowhead device and 3 battle stars (including the one on Philippine medal). Excellent condition uniform from a Combat toughened unit. Battle history is online easily found.

UNIFORM GROUPING Ids WWII 3175TH SIGNAL CORPS MIDDLE EAST THEATER:Ids to a Louis Maechen, and comes with the tunic, trousers, shirt, dog tags and sterling bracelet and a card with his information on it. Excellent condition and a Direct Vet buy. It has the Middle east Theater of Operations patch on the sleeve and also comes with to garrison caps (tan one is stained).

VIETNAM SEABEES UNIFORM SET NAMED AND WITH INSIGNIA AND TAPES :This is the NON ripstop type of poplin with the short sleeves and the smaller rimmed flat buttons as seen on the early uniforms. It has the seabees insignia on the pocket and the original name tapes on the top and the rear pocket of the trousers. Used but only the trousers have a couple small snag holes, but a great theater worn set with theater made name tapes.

SCARCE WWII WOMAN MARINES WOOL OVERCOAT MINT WITH TAGS 1945:Mint with the original issue tag dated 1945 and the manufacture cardboard tag with size this overcoat is just perfect for a display of a WWII Woman Marine. A scarce coat normally to find but in this condition it cantop the list of a great find for your collection.

USMC WWII TROUSERS FOR THE FOREST GREEN DRESS UNIFORM:Nice size of 32×35 and came out of a WWII grouping. These would be the late war issue as no date can be found by myself. Excellent condition with no holes or damage and a great larger size.

WWII ROIGINAL ISSUE WET WEATHER TROUSERS SIZE X-LARGE:Seldom do you ever see this X-Large size in MINT unissued condition. The markings are faint (due to being stamped on rubber), but they are MINT and ready for your field gear collection of WWII. These were worn alot in the European theater and these have the mid-war Star type pattern buttons.

MINTY LARGER SIZE WOMANS WAC FIELD JACKET LINER WITH SHOULDER STRAPS:This MINTY field jacket liner has the original tag as seen and is dated 1944 and a spectacular size 38R. All the cuffs and the bottom material is minty and the lining is minty as well. This could as well be worn seperately from the field jacket and has the shoulder straps for rank as well. ALL original buttons.

WOMANS WWII SMALL SIZE EARLY HBT FIELD SHIRT WITH SMALL PLASTIC BUTTONS:The color and the condition is nearly MINT, but the tag is washed out and not readable. It is WARTIME early pattern with the light HBT color and the plastic buttons and not the star metal of later ones. size SMALL

KOREAN WAR ISSUE 1952 DATED LARGE FIELD WOOL SHIRT FOR COLD WEATHER:This appears to be a unissued MINT condition wool cold weather field shirt that is in a GREAT size LARGE and well dated 1952 on the stamping inside. These are quite difficult to find in this large size and war dated. All complete with all original buttons.