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-Click here to sort by number instead- name=52 Will make all blocks needed to build the Circular Tower. . Also contains arrow slit blocks, decorative braces, circular stairway pieces and blocks to seamlessly splice curved towers into existing flat walls. Click herefor instructions on building the bridge. Will make all blocks needed to build the …



Building Bodies of Jelly – Jellyfish The images of the jellyfish above were created in Pov-Ray and represent a typical jellyfish. Of course there is really no such thing, jellyfish come in an incredible range of varieties and range in size from one centimetre or less in diameter, to over two metres in diameter and …



THE CALL BUILDING: SAN FRANCISCOS FORGOTTEN SKYSCRAPER by Ellen Klagesexcerpted from a longer article originally published inThe Argonaut, Summer 1993, Volume 4, Number 1 The Call Building, painted in different shades of brown and tan, slowly disappearing into the ever rising skyline of San Francisco, seen here from 88 Kearny Street in 2013. Photo by …

Affordable Low and High-Rise Honeycombousing Circular Cities in Ancientistory


How we can create better homes for more people – a book in progress Herodotus described Ectabana (founded in 715 BC, now Hamadan in Iran) as the capital of Medes on a gentle hill in a plain in northwest Iran and became the summer residence of the Achaemenid Persians. Herodotus described the city as being …

History and Architecture


Living history thats still going strong The Athenæum/Das Deutsche Haus was built for the Indianapolis Socialer Turnverein (1893-1898) as a house of culture for the mind and body. It was awarded the National Historic Landmark designation in 2016. 18511st Turnverein formed by Clemens Vonnegut et. al. 1892Socialer Turnverein Aktiengesellschaft(Stock Association) formed to raise funds and build …