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LegalShield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc


Life is unpredictable. LegalShield gives you the confidence of knowing whatever comes your way, someone is looking out for you. Whether its with affordable, prepaid legal service that puts a dedicated law firm on your side or identity theft protection with IDShield thats best in class. IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed …



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The Frontline Law Firm for Poor and Low-IncomPeoplinos Angeles


Support Justice and make a donation to LAFLA! The Frontline Law Firm for Poor and Low-Income People in Los Angeles Housing & Community Economic Development Law Students & Law School Graduates Paralegal, Social Work, Interpreters and Other Volunteers FREE ONLINE TRAINING & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Pro Bono Training Institute encourages your pro bono work by providing …

USLegal Inc


Get Legal Help for Any Legal Need from People in Business Convenient, Affordable Legal Help – Because We Care! We have helped millions find free legal information, products and legal services. Its quick. Its easy. We work with lawyers who care when needed! USLegal is the legal destination site for consumers, small business, attorneys, corporations, …