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The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. the ship had long since passed the boundary set by outermost Phoebe, moving backward in a wildly eccentric orbit eight million miles from its primary. Ahead of it now lay Iapetus, Hyperion, Titan, Rhea, …

Richard C Hoagland


Theories about advanced ancient civilizations colonizing the solar system; accusations of corruption of NASA and U.S. government The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever International Angstrom Medal for Excellence in Science, 1993. Richard Charles Hoagland(born April 25, 1945), is an American author, and a proponent of variousconspiracy theoriesaboutNASA, lost alien civilizations …

The Emoluments of Mars Those glasdomeon thMoon


Hoagland & Bara have alleged, many times and with apparently straight faces, that there are vast glass structures on the moon, built by a long-dead lunar civilization and visible in some Apollo lunar surface photography after enhancement. In answer to the question why these things arent visible in the best orbital photographs, they reply Obviously …

Richard Hoagland – Revelations of the Chinese Moon Missi – Latest Upd EnterprisMs


Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in to make your opinion count. 2014 – Hidden in Plain Sight ! Earth-Keeper Presents:Revelations of Chinas Moon Mission. Author, Theorist, Researcher & Scientist Richard C Hoagland on his new 2014 findings, …

by Richard Hoagland


Ancient Alien ruins on the Moon? Is it possible? The Moon/Mars Connection uses NASAs own data to make a compelling scientific case for the existence of ancient alien artifacts on the earths nearest neighbor in the Solar System. As no one has done before, Hoagland uses state-of-the-art computer image processing and other analytical techniques to …



The Shard and the Tower This image is an overexposed 44x enlargement ofLunar Orbiter frame LO-III-84-M. Taken with the medium resolution camera at a distance of at least 250 miles, it shows an object dubbed byHoaglandthe Shard. The star-like object above the Shard is acamera registration mark. The Shard has a shadow cast in the …