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A geodesic sphere is an arrangement of polygons that approximates a true sphere. A geodesic dome is a portion of a geodesic sphere. Buildings or roofs have been constructed out of geodesic domes that range from 5-100% of a sphere. Domes used for houses are usually arrays of triangles that form three-or five-eighths of a …

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Cover Templates for 3v 5/9 Geodesic Dome Clintons Equal Central Angle Conjecture Structural Analysis of Geodesic Domes Shingles and roofing geodesic domes Concrete geodesic dome foundation example Bear Creek Geodesic Dome construction Geodesic Dome Framing with Sketchup Calculators 6V Geodesic Dome Calculator This 6V 1/2 flat base geodesic dome calculator is multi-purpose This is also …

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The Sustainable Dome House of the Future Our company Biodomes designs and builds custom, one-of-a-kind glass, metal and concrete geodesic domes. We offer over 20 different geodesic dome models that can be sized and customized in a number of ways. We also build earth sheltered, green roof geodesic domes that can be insluated to passive …

Folding Geodesic Dome


Geodesic domes are light, strong structures with huge interior space that is very pleasant and inviting.  Unfortunately they tend to take many man-hours to erect.  I wanted a dome that could be easily put up by one or two people in short order. Hence the Folding Geodesic Dome, also known as the Democracy Dome since …

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Who invented the geodesic structure and for what purpose? Why do geodesic structures save on building materials? Why do geodesic structures conserve energy for heating and cooling? I have heard that geodesic structures are very strong, and can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes… is this true? Why are geodesic structures so strong? What other advantages …

ASM Headquarters and Geodesic Dome


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia U.S. National Register of Historic Places 9639 Kinsman Rd., Materials Park, Ohio 44073Russell Township, Geauga County, Ohio John Terrence Kelly, [Synergetics, Inc.] TheASM International Headquarters and Geodesic Dome, at theMaterials Parkcampus inRussell TownshipGeauga CountyOhioUnited States, are theheadquartersofASM International, a professional organization for materials scientists and engineers. Thesemoderniststructures were built in …